The First International Design Biennial of Havana

/ 8 April, 2016

Between May, 14th and May, 20th it will take place in Cuba the First International Design Biennial of Havana. The island, so fashionable these days in the Caribbean, aims to become the main center of design in the region by holding BDHabana’16.

This event aims to promote the opportunities of growth offered by Design as a catalyst for the process of creation, innovation and development. No wonder, BDHabana’16 has adopted the concept “Design and Prosperity” as a slogan for its first edition.

BD Habana’16 will feature an extensive exhibition circuit, which will comprise subsites from the capital to cities in provinces of Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba, both at the Center and East regions of the country respectively. Although, the main space of the event will be the capital of the country, where will also take place the theoretical event at the Palace of Conventions, where issues that link design with Public Policy, Communications, Product, Society, and Cultural and Creative Industries will be addressed.

Moreover, it is intended that this First International Design Biennial extend to important areas of the Cuban capital, recognized as exquisite exposition sites of design as a concept, of good taste, and of the Cuban culture and identity. In this regard, there will take place morning and evening tours of the BDHabana Route, which will guide participants – while riding on top of our sightseeing buses – through galleries, workshops, designer shops, creative spaces, bars, restaurants, and other places of the city that are distinguished by their design concepts and work.

As part of the First International Design Biennial of Havana there will take place the 13th Congress of the Latin American Design Association, the Seventh Meeting of Public Policy and Design, as well as multiple international speakers will arrive these days to the Caribbean island; among which are:

The event, organized from the National Bureau of Design, jointly with the Ministries of Industry and Culture, the Institute of Design, the Cuban Association of Social Communicators and Caguayo Foundation, will be President of Honor, the Minister of Industry, Salvador Pardo.

If you want more information about our event or you are interested in being part of the First HavanaDesign Biennale, you can write us [email protected] or visit our sites and



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