SANCTORUM: Upcoming exhibition in Artis 718

Bi-personal show of Cuban artists Roldán Lauzán and Andy Llanes

/ 3 October, 2019

Dear Friends,
Fucina des Artistas and Artis 718 are pleased to invite you to the bi-personal exhibition of Cuban artists Roldán Lauzán Eiras and Andy Llanes Bultó, who have shared together since the creation of their first strokes until the consolidation of the work they offer us today.
The exhibition is called SANCTORUM, referring to the places or sacred spaces, physical or empirical, built or imagined, that are present in the society or in our most intimate universe.
A group of medium and large format canvases will be exhibited, worked with oil and gold and silver sheets; and Lauzán will present his first installation, accompanied by a performance, entitled The collapse of civilization.


718 Street, Miramar, Havana

Opening Reception

11 OCT 2019, 5:00 PM

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