Duvier del Dago at TUB Gallery of Miami

/ 13 October, 2014

Quantum State


Duvier del Dago returns to United States on the occasion of a personal exhibition at the TUB Gallery of Miami. The contact had emerged since 2013 when the artist traveled there to participate in an internship of the Vermont Studio Center and in the collective sample Detrás del muro (Behind the wall) on the 8th Floor Gallery of the Rubin Foundation in New York.

The idea of ​​a future exhibition in Florida then coincided with the period the artist would spend in the Fountainhead internship, also of Miami, invited by Kathryn and Dan Mikesell. The works resulting from his stay would integrate Estado cuántico (Quantum State), which he presented last August 21st, at TUB Gallery in Wynwood.

Estado cuántico refers to a process, a detailed description about it. But the description is not literal; does not attempt to tell a story, but decompose it, to “dissect it” to display it in all its edges.

Duvier is recognized by his installations made from threads, built during the last ten years of his career ( 2004-2014). This series of works that are now displayed belong to a current concern of the artist to show how his woven sculptures are made.

He does not it from a direct documentation of the process, but from the knowledge of his own work to create new works dealing with each of the procedures that lead to the finished piece: drawing on graph paper, templates at scale, overlapping planes to achieve the three-dimensional effect, the prominence of light and installation nature.

Each of these principles has been reinterpreted by the artist; he has put them to dialogue with new materials to originate pieces, which even when referring to previous projects, stand out as autonomous and very experimental proposals.

That is how the graph paper and the template have been replaced by supporting medium such as acrylic plates and nylon. The latter is grouped in superposed layers on which Del Dago draws and creates his figures, in the same way he does with the woven threads. This exercise with layers is something he had explored in the beginning, in the very first steps towards finding that ‘ virtual tactile’ that already belongs to him. The final assembly of the pieces, arranged as a sort of draperies, determines again the installation vocation the artist has shown in his recent work.

For this occasion he insisted on accompany each piece with a caption that includes, in addition to the usual technical data, a picture of the finished project as a physical reference for helping the public associating the templates with the final visuality of the installation.

The title of the exhibition is related to a mathematical and abstract concept consisting of a description of a specific physical condition, with its formal and observable values. It could be said that Del Dago is in his “quantum state”, describing his work and himself, in a very specific time in his life such as his own works are.



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