Performance by Cuban artist Carlos Martiel

/ 1 December, 2016

This Thursday, is day #2 at Miami Art Week and there are some amazing events going on.

Art OnCuba begin the day at 9 am at the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), where you will get to see their fantastic exhibit: Toda Percepcion es un una Interpretación: You are part of it with a performance by Cuban artist Carlos Martiel at 11:00.

This powerful piece was produced with the cooperation of numerous undocumented Haitian immigrants from Little Haiti, who made typical Haitian dishes to be consumed by the audience. Carlos Martiel on his knees replaces the fourth leg of a table where these dishes will be served. There will also be a video (that goes through a monitor) accompanying the performance, where the hands of an immigrant preparing the food will be reproduced, and the voice of the immigrant is heard in off on an interview done by Martiel. This individual, Martiel claims, will be speaking “…about his points of view on the immigration phenomenon in the United States, according to his personal experience. The cameraman Javier Castro will have to be available to take place, to film it. The idea is that in the moment of the performance, near the site of performance, a flat-screen television, transmits the interview in a loop.”[1]




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