Happy Together

/ 15 May, 2015

The unexpected announcement about the upcoming restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States has initiated the path towards dialogue after more than fifty years of historical rivalry. At the time of political negotiations, numerous questions arise ranging from uncertainty and optimism, hence the vision we have for such a recent phenomenon and full development is not that clear.

This conciliatory event promises the emergence of mutual benefits, which would be evident in the economic, political and social spheres. Consequently there would be a shift in official discourse about another culture and ways of interacting with it. What would change in the reception of an ideology that used to be relegated? How the dialogue or confrontation between two opposing cultures doctrines would take place?

These and other questions are the aim of the “Happy Together / Felices Juntos” project, through representation -as well as its title states the friendly meeting between the two nations. For they shall graphics and animated characters be taken as a pretext, those that due to their significance have become cultural icons.

Happy Together / Felices Juntos looks to positively demonstrate the occurrence of a possible dialogue between the two countries. The project has an optimistic tone and stays out of extreme, aggressive or offensive positions, so the use of symbols that go against this principle will be avoided.

Twelve Cuban designers will work with twelve American animated characters, and twelve Americans designers will work with twelve Cuban characters. Besides these designers each country will make a poster / image for the exhibition. The end result will be a panel of 26 posters linked to and interspersed with Cuban and American characters. At the beginning and end of the panel will be posters / image with on the project information in Spanish and English.


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Darwin Fornés Báez

22 May, 2015

The Oppening will be the nex May 28 / 6:00pm at the Silk Screen workshop René Portocarrero, calle Cuba # 513 betwen Muralla and Tte Rey. Old Havabana. Everybody welcome!



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