Fidel García and his #232322

/ 10 February, 2015

Despite the paranoia that reproductive potentials of ideas allowing behavioral experiments can cause, the resources used by states to impose ideas of their interest into the minds of people are expressed in many ways; among them, torture and direct coercion represent a fraction. Collectively, one of the main mechanisms used is automation, so that subjects naturally join the commonplace. When a social group denotes a thought as tacitly accepted, power does not need to force the wayward individual to behave according to their rules because the social group will see to that, instead. On behalf of many of these ideas rooted in society, the worst atrocities have been committed.
The fifth stage of labor in which the artist Fidel Garcia is deep into, tackles precisely a blow to this principle of reproduction of power. So he avoids facing directly the systems of domination and he is not intended to disarm it all, as he did in previous stages; this time he handles and processes information flows that have a direct and sensitive relationship with the Cuban context.
The step forward I see in this new release is he gradually achieved to close the circle of claim within the scope of his work, which results in an accurate motion synthesis. Over time his work has become an attitude toward life, beyond the completion of the need to communicate aesthetically, so he does not need to assume an imposture qualified as art, that is, his artistic production is an extension of himself as individual.
Exegetically facing Fidel Garcia’s work is always an interesting exercise of intellection. Even if his work looks very cryptic, or resists being fully understood, if you are persistent enough you can always find clues to reconstruct a new discourse, perhaps totally oblivious to what this artist proposes. The ultimate meaning of his work is urging us not to accept anything passively, to question everything, to not give in to what have been sown in our mind as “the right thing”. After all, the ultimate truth does not belong to anyone and everyone has every right to defend the one you feel most successful or the one you really feel identified with.

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