Cleaning the fire at OnCuba

/ 5 February, 2015

At the headquarters of the Oncuba magazine, this February 4, 2015, artist Elizabet Cerviño made one of the pieces belonging to the series Limpieza (Cleaning). That series, conceived in 2013, is made up of five works, out of which just one had taken material form under the name Limpiar el Cielo (Cleaning the sky), at the Center for the Development of Visual Arts, as part of the solo exhibition Halitos in February 2015.

Limpieza del Fuego (Cleaning the fire), a piece that belongs to the Cancio collection was born in the presence of a group of guests that witnessed the act of mudding the canvas with little pigments with colors that range from yellow to orange, to then ¨clean it¨ with wooden spatulas and a fabric. The act mixes the painting with a performance to take us to be part of the artistic process that, it seems, without us will be meaningless.

Elizabet Cerviño offers us the instant of cleaning the fire as an art of aesthetics against elements. Diminish, remove, reduce, are the components of a new integration of arts that wishes to heal us through colors. The action of ¨cleaning the canvas¨ is sort of monochromatic purification of the senses, the edification of an image that transforms us when contemplating it. We hope the rest of the series, that include smoke, snow and night, brings us in the near future another time of reencountering with the artistic experience as a space of infinite gratitude and reconciliation.

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