Art Code Space… connecting the Cuban art with the world

/ 8 October, 2018

Art Code Space could soon become the first real project in which Cuban art, whether emerging, young or established, located in Cuba or anywhere in the world, can multiply its visibility through its presence in the best platforms of international art and be marketed in large auction houses online without having to move any capital a priori. And it is with the aim of connecting the Cuban artistic production with the international art market and to contribute to its continuous rise that this Gallery has been created. The project includes, among its first objectives, positioning the list of its artists in important art platforms and placing their works in online auctions. Contrary to what some may think, the online auction business is a reliable and functional model that has been around for two decades already. It concentrates an important public that is looking to move from the physical experience of purchasing art at the gallery to having a wider range of options only in one space, the virtual one. There are several factors that make this event an attractive mechanism to manage art, optimizing time and finding appearing as a better investments opportunity.

The category of online auction goes a little against the myth of the big auction houses, in which only works of emblematic creators are sold at astronomical prices. In this case, the radius of action is much greater and collectors can find art for all budgets. The challenge is to establish a curatorial proposal capable of engaging with a wider audience that is looking for lower prices and coherent vision. Both parties can see the tremendous benefits of the platforms strategy. Collectors can foresee opportunity, margin of investment, and at the same time, the artist will create an auction precedent, market opportunities and more visibility.

Art Code Space will be presenting its artists on wellknown platforms such as Artsy, Artnet, Artspace, Paddle8, 1stdibs, Saatchi Art, among others. Some would only serve as online platforms where collectors can acquire the artworks at anytime, while others will be composed mostly for curated auctions. In both cases it would provide incredible visibility to the artists as these sites are frequently visited by collectors, interior designers, realtors, investors and, of course, common and punctual buyers. In addition, their advertising campaigns bring together hundreds of thousands of potential buyers each year and their work protection policies offer guarantees to customers.

The Gallery was established with the aim of exposing and promoting modern and contemporary artists from around the world. The project is a unique context for a dialogue between different regions, media and forms of expression. Serving as a bridge between collectors and a complete curatorial selection, Art Code Space offers more than an accumulation of works. In fact, it is a journey through time and history with the entrepreneurial spirit of modern society. It is an opportunity to enjoy the work of extraordinary masters of modern art, but also, it constitutes a space where the public can encounter  the most contemporary trends through the works of the youngest promises of the current context. For this reason, it has conceived within its website two divisions to show its artists, and they have been named according to the most used categories in the art platforms and auction houses: Modern & Contemporary and Latin American Art. Among the International artists we can find well-known names as Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Alex Katz, Banksy, Robert Indiana, Richard Serra, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, etc. In the Latin American Artists’ section (where the vast majority are Cubans), stand out the names of Wifredo Lam, Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Zúñiga, Roberto Matta, Pedro de Oraá, Nelson Domínguez, Rubén Rodríguez, among other recognized artists. They also have a good representation of young Cuban artists that continues to grow more and more, such as: Marlys Fuego, William Pérez, Roldán Lauzán, Osiris Cisneros, Andy Llanes, Glauber Ballestero, William Acosta, Gabriela Martínez, Héctor Remedios, Grey Cruz and Eloy Costa.

In the immediate future the gallery will enable a section within its online platform, called Art Code Projects, in which it will also promote the interesting proposals that bet on the convergence between art and technology.

The space has as one of its main objectives the cultural exchange with Cuba and its institutions from a position of respect and collaboration, the promotion of exhibitions, the consulting of artists, among other projects.

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