Arrechea in Fine Arts in Biennial times

/ 5 June, 2015

The versatile artist Alexandre Arrechea returns to the fray; returns to the National Museum of Fine Arts, this time to exhibit for the first time.

He proposes El mapa del silencio , which was long expected by his followers since the century-old institution presented a few months ago the documentary No limits, by Juan Carlos Alom, Armando Suárez Cobián and Ismael Diego and the book El espacio inevitable, by Cristina Vives, both on his work.

After the impressive sculptural ensemble at urban scale No limits (Park Avenue, New York , 2013), Arrechea began working on a new project designed especially for the Cuban Fine Arts Museum, in which his interest in exploring the architectural space moves to an area of limited subjectivity.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on the evening of May 23rd, includes six works and covers the widest variety of visual resources, techniques and formats. We will find a video projection, two huge watercolors, a tapestry and the direct confection of a 25-meter mural on the wall of the gallery of the transient room.

“From a perspective of intimate reflection, while observing the real world, the city, certain neighborhood, a faded wall, the peculiar marine architecture or the exact point where an idea or a pact arise, he focuses on what has not been said yet, in those things that remain obliterated in the complex fabric of the city. His revealing proposal of the unseen is precisely a map of the silence. With a set of six works comprising as many visual resources as two formidable watercolors of great format, a video projection, a tapestry and the direct confection of a mural of twenty-five meters on the wall of the transient gallery, Arrechea leaves us convinced he is a creator in the splendor of his creative drive, ” Corina Matamoros, curator of the exhibition, said.

ArtOnCuba also talk with the artist about the exhibition he will soon begin to assemble:

“I will not advance much; I prefer that viewers to enjoy it from the opening day. I can only tell you its name: El mapa del silencio and it is a continuation of the sample El mapa y el hecho that I exhibited in New York a few months ago. It will be a very important exhibition, quite a challenge in my opinion, because I aspire to leave a rather large imprint not only in the museum but throughout the city. I think it will be an incredible opportunity during the Biennial; it is been three years I did not exhibit in Cuba, and I am very happy to return with this proposal. “

This artist is interested in creating a dialogue with the public through architecturally important buildings and urban spaces, where he plays, seduces and invites to explore various concepts. He is, without doubt, an exponent of genuine creators that Cuba has generated in recent years. His images often impact and question the viewer. Silence and borders seem to be the starting point of this new release.

The exhibitions Ping pong cuadrícula, by Wilfredo Prieto, and Poesía pasajera, by Raúl Cordero, a unique presentation of videos and music, will be opened that same day at the same place between eight and 12 pm.


Cecilia Crespo

Cecilia Crespo

She is a journalist. She has received several acknowledgements, among them the National Award of Cultural Journalism granted by the UNEAC and the UPEC to journalists in Cuba who are less than 35 years old. Her texts frequently appear in various Cuban publications specialized in cinema and visual arts.

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