An experience of perceptions and sensations

/ 3 March, 2015

I can consider myself a consumer of Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) (Cuban Art Factory) for many reasons, good music, it’s so varied atmosphere, all the sensations of pleasure that one can experience on-site and the various exhibits on display there. Out of all areas La Pared Negra (the Black Wall) deserves attention. This panel is to present photographic works by young artists. Since its inception until today, very few pieces have much attracted my interest as Sensus, recent presentation by Jorge Lavoy.

Jorge, in the arts context, is better known as “el chuli” or “pitirre“, names of characters that appeared in the soap operas Salir de Noche and Tierras de Fuego, respectively. After having gone through a media that deserves respect in which he is leading role, now he positions behind camera and surprises us with compositions arising from his perceptual and sensory experiences. FAC audience appreciates this time his fourth series of work. Before, there were Havana Mirror (2007), La mujer azul (2013), and Color Girl (2014); showing peculiar moments in his production which helped improving his technique and aesthetics. His first photographs reflect the universe around him through architecture, monuments, and urban spaces. However, since 2013 balance begins to lean toward body scan field. Sensus addresses the female body and its various forms; this exhibit summarizes the lessons learned from his earlier stages, referring to the mirror image idea (Havana Mirror) and the study of color and its multiple plastic possibilities (Color Girl) to Warhol style.

Through careful curation, the gaze of the viewer can have a journey from figurative works to parts touching the abstract. It is just a matter of stopping to appreciate for few minutes to realize what our eyes perceive. Lavoy attacks the viewer’s retina in this series, wanting to play with senses, as it is well expressed by Gabriela Azcuy in the catalog words when she says “the works possess the sign of confusing. Deciphering carries some time and each person will appreciate various forms (…) “. Every detail is important, we just need to approach photos as Anti motín and watch the game established between the repeated naked body and drops falling, our creator has enough tools to create side effects, the image is capable of transmitting docility, submission, and even sensuality. In his works we always see figurative fragments, however, we ran into pieces like Horn that manages to produce sensory disturbance in the public, because we are here in the presence of an abstract composition in its purest sense. He searched, probed, and found synthesis; from simplifying we notice that the issue is only a pretext for formal exercise.

I recommend the excellent exhibit that this February proposes La Pared Negra at Fábrica de Arte Cubano. Jorge Lavoy´s exhibition tenses the minds of viewers when appreciating every one of his photographs. I predict a great future for this artist who is being inserted in the Cuban plastic universe and I assure you that he will give a lot to talk about. This is just the beginning.



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