A virtual experience at the Biennial

/ 7 May, 2015

The art that explores with technology it experiences, broadly, the cultural behaviors of contemporary society. Rodolfo Peraza, besides animation, drawing, video and installation in public places, works the videogame and virtual platforms. From these languages, he examines in a continuous work in progress the functions and expressions of the environment, i.e. its control models, immersion and virtuality, in which there is no lack of the social and political local commentary, as well as the ecumenical.

In this 12th edition of the Havana Biennial he presents us the work-application Malla 1.0, to be held at Casablanca Computing Club, where the community will be the main protagonist in this laboratory of virtual experiences.

How does Malla 1.0 emerge and what is it about?

It emerges from the process of virtualization of the piece JailHead & Infirstlife (2009-2015). We needed an editor with unique features, for us to escalate into a near future, with all the features of immersion and connection to certain APIs, such as Twitter API, which we use for streaming within virtualizations or logging into the worlds within Malla-Net.

Malla-Net is an app (application) placed on a web server. The piece explores the virtualization (since the development of the tool: MALLA-NET) as a way of immersive representation, using the Internet as a space. The app allows you to edit, publish and interconnect worlds created within its same web environment. The piece starts from the idea of creating transparency with the “net” of the editor, relations between virtuality and our living environment.

What implication does Malla have especially in a context like ours, practically offline?

Malla-Net is designed for the Internet, not to be offline, that is why we will create a repository version of the main app, which allows us to work without internet connection for a limited time, where information collected will emerge when the repository-app to be connect to the Internet.

How will the public relationship with the piece occur?

Malla-Net allows the creation and then immersion (using virtual reality devices) in the worlds created by its users, in this case, users do not come for the internet, but when participating in the workshop we will conduct during the time of the biennial, this way we will approach the curatorial concept of it, between the idea and experience.


Claudia Taboada Churchman

Claudia Taboada Churchman

Havana, 1990. Art critic and curator. She currently works in Villa Manuela Gallery. Her texts have been published in ArteCubano, Revolución y Cultura, La Jiribilla, Noticias de ArteCubano, among others. In 2015 she received the Curatorial Award granted by the Center for the Development of Visual Arts for the project Pintura expandida.



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