Maylin Pérez Parrado

Maylin Pérez Parrado

(Camagüey, Cuba, 1989). Independent curator and art critic based in the Netherlands, Cuba and Panama. In 2011, she obtained her bachelor's degree in Art History, from the Universidad de Oriente, in Santiago de Cuba. From 2012 to 2015, she curated the Fototeca de Cuba and the Cuban Art Factory (FAC). She has worked as a curator at Arteconsult Gallery, Panama City, and is part of the international Art Consulting Network group, based in Italy. She is currently the director of the Fototeca de Panamá. His professional work is developed within the curatorship, the art market, teaching, research, cultural promotion and the media for the current artistic ecosystem.


  • Editor in Chief / Publisher

  • Executive Director

  • Executive Managing Editor

  • Art Director

  • Editorial Director / Editor

  • Design & Layout

  • Translation and English copyediting

  • Spanish copyediting

  • Commercial director & Public Relations / Cuba

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