Ernesto García Sánchez

La Havana, 1989

When I think about painting, the idea of the essential immediately comes to me, the relationship between the elements of the pictorial medium with synthesis, with pigmentation in its simplest form. The pictorial elements comprise the greatness of their formal simplicity but at the same time, they also have philosophical connotations. Is it not the act of painting, a celebration of the present, an affirmation of being alive? Well, it may also be a way to rediscover the world.

Throughout my career, I have been interested in investigating the pictorial phenomenon, not only as a simple medium but also as subject and concept. I try to explore the elements that revolve around the world of the picture or what is understood by "painting". Among several examples, I could mention in part of my work, the interest to explore a non-frontal or plane way with which we normally consume a particular painting. I have been worried by the expansive nature of the pigment and, the way it moves within and out of its stand. Besides a motivation for working with the dynamics that can be established between the pictorial medium, the viewer and the space, at other times my proposal approaches subtopics within painting such as the work process itself, the randomness, the content, or even the playing along with aspects of its own sale circuits, among others.


2014 – He is currently studying at the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA by its Spanish acronym)

2009 - Graduated from the specialty of painting at San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts.

2004 - Heriberto Manero Elementary Art Workshop, Havana, Cuba.



2014 - Anotaciones de un tartamudo, Galiano Gallery, Havana, Cuba

Convivencia, Costumes Gallery, Barraquilla, Colombia.

2012 - Lo más interesante del azar es precisamente creer en él, Lo inédito viable 11th Biennial of Havana, Higher Institute of Arts, ISA.

2010/2011 - Y viceversa. Oswaldo Guayasamín Museum, Havana, Cuba

2009 - Azar & Contención. L Gallery. Havana. Cuba

2009 - Estamos, Collateral to the 10th Biennial of Havana, San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.



2015 - Binary, Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, USA.

2014 - El orden de todas las cosas, Galiano Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

2012 - Escapando con el paisaje 3, Sandra Montenegro Gallery, Miami, USA

2012 - Escapando con el paisaje 2, Odeón 2012 Art Fair, Bogotá, Colombia

2012 - Escapando con el paisaje, Luz y oficio Provincial Center of art and design, Havana. Collateral sample to the 10th Biennial of Havana.

2011 - Cuba post , Sandra Montenegro Contemporary Art Gallery, Odeón Art Fair, Bogota, Colombia.

2011 - Pacto, Pablo Esquerré Gallery, Matanzas, Cuba

4th Edition of Cuban Art Factory, Pabexpo, Havana, Cuba

2011 - Tres y uno, Ambos mundos Hotel, Havana, Cuba.

2009 - Cubano Art, Bellarte Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

2009 - Pura Coincidencia, Los abstractos, EXPOCUBA, Havana, Cuba.

2009 - Nada es Pequeño, Amelia Peláez Gallery, Miramar Trade Center, Havana,Cuba.

2008 - Natilla, Cascarilla Gallery, San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.

2007 - Se acabó + píxel, Model of Havana, Playa Municipality, Havana, Cuba.

2007 - Hoy como ayer, Benny More International Festival, Lajas, Cuba.

2007 - Shot, Exhibition of the Photography Workshop of San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.

2007 - Celia: Luz de tu ausencia, Saint Francis of Assisi Convent, Havana, Cuba.

2007 - Graphic Design Exhibition by students from San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.

2006 - Hijo de gato, Morro-Cabaña Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

2006 - Homenaje a la infancia, Pedro Borras Astorga Foundation, Madrid, Spain.

2006 – Exhibition of the works of Solidarity in Art Project, The Cardinal

Wiseman High School, London, UK.



2013- TRIP, Residence Workshop of installation and performance. L os Andes University -Colombia - University of the Arts (ISA) - Cuba.

2006/2007 - Participant at the Solidarity in Art Exchange Project. The Cardinal Wiseman High School, London, UK.