Adriana Arronte

La Havana, 1980

My work is motivated by common objects and situations of everyday environment. I study each element in question, circumstances it promotes, its dynamics and natural scenery; all this determines the morphology of the work. In this process I exacerbate the nature of the object or symbol up to denature it. I raise again its function without induce it to another precise function; I am interested in extending to the maximum the field of readings. From an aesthetic operation I attempt to allude to macro-social, intimate, cultural phenomena...


2006 - Graduated from the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA by its Spanish acronym). Havana, Cuba.

2001 - Graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts. Havana, Cuba.

1998 - Studies in José Antonio Díaz Peláez School of Visual Arts.



2013 - Cena . Carmelo González Gallery. Havana , Cuba.

2011 - Temporada de caza. Lloyd's Register. Havana, Cuba.

2009 - Efectos secundarioss. Luz & Suárez del Villar Gallery. Madrid , Spain.

2008 - Desayuno. Centre for Development of Visual Arts. Havana , Cuba.

2006 - Brindis . ICAIC Film Cultural Center Gallery. Havana, Cuba.

2001 - Religiones Mixtas . Servando Cabrera Gallery. Havana, Cuba.



2014 - Parc. Contemporary Art Museum (MAC by its Spanish acronym). Lima, Perú.

2013 - Dibujos tontos. Villena Library Gallery. Havana, Cuba.

2012 - Gulliver. Freies Museum Berlín. Berlín, Germany.

2012 - Circular Motion: Subverting Circumscription. Meridian Gallery, Society for Art publications of the Americas. San Francisco. USA.

2011 - Allí. The cool pack. Collateral to Feria de Arco. Madrid, Spain.

2009 - Feria de Arte de Madrid. Madrid, Spain.

2008 – 4th Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Marbella. Marbella Palace of Congress. Marbella, Spain.


2005/2006. Union Latina National Award for Young Creation in Fine Arts.



Ella Cisneros Collection. Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), USA.

Satu-Mare Art Museum Collection, Romania.