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/ 1 June, 2015

Approach to the Cuban art collection of Jorge M. Pérez

(…) In South Florida, the name of Jorge M. Pérez is associated with the urban transformation of Miami, where for almost four decades The Related Group, his company development company, has been a pioneer in the redefinition of the metropolitan area of this city. In recent history, his last name also immediately refers to the name of the county’s major museum: Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). (…)Despite any confusion it may carry as to the nature or ownership of the institution, the truth is that the link with the museum has helped to reveal an interesting facet of Jorge Pérez’s work: his labor as collector and patron of the arts, activities he began to practice systematically since the early eighties. (…)With more than a hundred pieces and in continuous growth, Cuban art enjoys a space of privilege in the group, with painting, sculpture and drawing outstanding as predominant genres, although there also are interesting exponents in photography. (…)

A generational approximation makes us notice the strong presence of exponents of the so-called New Cuban Art. (…)

Having been characterized from the beginning by collecting with taste, closely linked to the individual path of the collector and the sociocultural circumstances surrounding him, the collection is today in a process of specialization and continuous growth, aiming at the identification and acquisition of other works and authors that are also fundamental in the evolution of Cuban art. (…)

Anelys Álvarez Muñoz

Anelys Álvarez Muñoz

Cursó estudios en la Universidad de La Habana, donde obtuvo los diplomas de licenciatura y maestría en Historia del Arte. Ha cursado estudios de postgrado en la Universidad Internacional de La Florida. Fue profesora de la Universidad de La Habana del 2005 al 2010. Vive en La Florida donde se desempeña como consultante para el Frost Art Museum y como curadora asociada para colecciones privadas y corporativas. Sus intereses investigativos se orientan al estudio del arte y la cultura cubanos.

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