Villalobos… for art, and its memory

/ 8 December, 2013

Nelson Villalobos enjoys art, and that leads him to take pleasure in the work of others and to desire that it receives the same attention as his own. His interests go beyond painting, and include sculpture, photography, graffiti, and above all poetry and literature in general. (…)

From June to July of 2012, the Casa de las Artes in Vigo hosted his latest solo show, Obra sobre papel e Instalaciones (Work on paper and Installations), a summary of sorts of the multiple, diverse influences on this artist over the years. For this exhibition, Villalobos adapted to the space, filling the gallery with pieces that he made in situ, adjusting them to the context, making possible to view them from different perspectives. Some of the work was very much influenced by the assemblages of Antonia Eiriz, which was particularly noticeable in a group of snapshots; Villalobos revisited some of the objects that he made in the past, photographed them, and showed them from a new angle. The influence of Antonia could also be seen in the predominance of paper, which was used in every possible variety (pages from books and from missals), coexisting with photography and installations, where every object seemed to have a life of its own and at the same time was part of the whole.

The generosity of Nelson Villalobos is well-known among all of his friends, those of whom have had the opportunity of conversing with him and learning in detail about how he has always gone beyond his own personal activity as an artist and has paid attention to the work of others with the utmost sincerity, making love for art a universal value.

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