Vicente Hernández, a Cuban Artist in the Sebastian Foundation

/ 1 December, 2018

Enrique Carvajal, better known as Sebastian, is a successful Mexican sculptor born in Chihuahua in 1947. Since the mid-1960s he became initiated into the sculptural language very linked to different scientific disciplines like mathematics, geometry, topography and physics. His production includes small- and medium-format sculptures as well as monumental sculptures that in some cases even fuse with architecture. (…) A geometric art, of constructivist vocation (…). Havana is one of the cities that has the good fortune of having a work by this important creator situated on Playa municipality’s 7th and 4th streets and which not many know of its existence. But this is the subject of another article.

Sebastian, in his desire to protect Mexican and universal culture (…) created the Sebastian Cultural Foundation (…). Its principal objective is the promotion and publicizing of the arts which is why expositions by young artists are held (…) grants and courses are given, publications on art are brought out and initiatives are created that make possible the link between art and Mexican reviews and artists from diverse parts of the world.

Cuban painter Vicente Hernández is one of the creators who has recently participated in this cultural exchange by making a large-format work for the Colección Soledad (…). The Cuban artist’s proposal is the work La historia, la migración y la máquina del tiempo, which is about the subject of migration, a global phenomenon which nowadays has so much incidence on a world level and that is not alien to Cuba and Mexico. On this occasion, as in several of his works, he resorts to the use of a zeppelin, a means of transportation that not only transports immigrants but also their belongings, homes and streets, without leaving behind their ideals, their memories, yearnings and especially their traditions and history, so deeply rooted in our cultures. This work highlights, in addition to Batabanó, Vicente Hernández’ native town, distinctive elements of both nations. It is thus that we find the Cuban and Mexican flags, the iconic Teotihuacán Sun Pyramid and the Latin American Tower in downtown Mexico City, both distinctive elements of the Mexican imagery and culture.

(…) The Cuban artist’s participation in the Colección Soledad joins that of the presence of Manuel Mendive in that institution last year and it is only the start of the collaboration between the island’s current art and the Sebastian Foundation. In February the halls of this prestigious Mexican organization will welcome an exposition of three Cuban artists: Luis Enrique Camejo, Eduardo Rubén García and Vicente Hernández under the curatorship of Sergio López García and Mexican museologist Jorge Guadarrama. Also previewed is the publication of three monographs of these artists under the publishing label of the Foundation within the Trayectoria collection.



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