The Morphologies of Power

Adriana Arronte’s Work

/ 2 September, 2015

“Power, instead of obstructing knowledge, produces it.” — Michel Foucault

(…) Adriana Arronte has moved her view to the field of symbolic expression, demonstrating that the idea of power is a human construct continually changing from one state to another.

During her young career she has diluted these notions in the various lines of expression on which she moves. In her work, painting, design, object, intervention and performance blend.

All this in a visual and conceptual coherence rarely achieved by an emerging artist. Although since her beginnings she has combined performance action and object production, it is in this last field where she has more easily functioned. Here she has found the most direct path to give out diverse signs, penetrating into remote corners which put into question what—up to now—appears in our visual syntax. (…)

Adriana Arronte’s works exercise a peculiar attraction on the spectator, since they do not strictly adhere to the concept, but rather flirt with its inner structure, with the fragility of its statements, trying to formalize it and produce new knowledge with it.

Loliett Marrero Delachaux

Loliett Marrero Delachaux

La Habana, 1990. Licenciada en Historia del Arte por la Universidad de La Habana. Desde 2013 labora como especialista en el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam. Ha publicado artículos sobre arte cubano y latinoamericano en las revistas Arteamérica, El Caimán Barbudo, Extramuros y el Boletín Ojeada que emite el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam.

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