The Entropy, the Mission and the Horizon…

/ 31 August, 2015

(…) A real avalanche of exhibitions throughout the city, Zona Franca and the Open Studios, shaped an intense collateral program exceeding the curatorial proposal of the Biennial. In this context, Factoría Habana, a space for contemporary experimentation and creation of the Historian’s Office, bet for artists of three generations and well differentiated plastic identities: René Francisco Rodríguez, Rocío García and Carlos Montes de Oca. Each of the exhibitions, especially worked for Factoría and for this moment, stood out for their curatorial rigor and the undeniable intention of the artist to contribute a significant point to this edition of the event.
(…) We are a culture in an entropic state, with the optimism implicit in this phase of recomposition. The emergency missions demanded are multiple. Let us expect that not all help will come from outside to this city which could be really beautiful, and less that we have, as in Rocío’s comic, the new surprise of betrayal. We will have to rebuild the horizon, but where to? And what is more important: how? With masonic vocation in times of disloyalty? Do we leave it to chance, to the logic of the universe, or do we take an active side in some mission? To reinstate order it is necessary not to forget. The entropy, the mission and the horizon leave us restless, but they call us to interact, to imply ourselves, to leave behind the resistance to change, the passivity. We are not at all talking about an evident summons; we barely see the signals that artists suggest from their aesthetic proposals in which there always are more questions than answers. Something is sure: these are creators with a very high level, aware of their moment, informed, preoccupied to say, to contribute, to point out, to build. (…)

Onedys Calvo

Onedys Calvo

She holds a master’s degree in Art History. Lives and works in Havana. She is a curator with the City Historian’s Office and contributes to various specialized publications, such as Artecubano, Revolución y Cultura and OPUS Habana. She also contributes to the radio station Habana Radio as a journalist, and is the director of the Center for Interpretation of Cuba-Europe Relations, Palacio del Segundo Cabo, Havana.

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