Signs for enhancing living environments

/ 10 June, 2013

Today, and in contrast with the financial possibilities of a substantially large part of the population, our urban environments are being invaded not only by spontaneous architecture and urban planning violations, but also by countless elements of poor taste, which are being reproduced by the thousands in the precarious workshops of cuentapropistas, or self-employed workers.2 In part, they are the only choice that most people have for “beautifying” their property, be that housing, facades, gardens, walls, terrace roofs, or businesses.


In parallel, and in every period of these past years, architects and designers with intelligence, rationale, and good sense have fought tooth and nail against the ignorance, bureaucracy, and immobility of local and national authorities, convinced of their professional responsibility and of the idea that the only way to enforce the importance of quality living environments—at every level of design—is by working on serious, effective proposals with a high degree of esthetic solutions and based always on our social, historic and cultural traditions, independently of whether or not these proposals or projects are implemented or shelved.


The architect, art and architecture critic, editor, and curator of the exhibition Señales de Vida (Signs of life), Nelson Herrera Ysla, who has extensive knowledge about these authors, professors, and work teams, called for an exhibition that would shown in our country for the first time what was “brewing” in Cuban contemporary architecture and design. The idea was to demonstrate that we are alive and working, and that many talented people are sparking hope for a future of enhanced living environments, in which society can fully develop.


  1. A cuentapropista, or self-employed worker, is someone who engages in productive activity outside state companies or institutions. This type of occupation is very popular in Cuba at this time.
Augusto Rivero Mas

Augusto Rivero Mas

Augusto Rivero Mas (Santiago de Cuba, 1940). Graduado de Arquitectura por la Universidad de La Habana en 1966. Profesor Consultante de la Universidad de las Artes. Profesor Auxiliar del Colegio San Gerónimo de la Universidad de La Habana. Miembro de la UNEAC y de la UNAICC. Asesor para el Grupo de Desarrollo Integral de la Capital, GDIC. Grupo de Expertos Plaza-Playa del IPF. Posee la Distinción por la Cultura Nacional, José María Heredia de Santiago de Cuba y Cucalambeana de Las Tunas.

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Eddie Ocampo

16 November, 2015


Quisiera comunicarme con Augusto Rivero. Lo conoci hace poco, por medio de un recien fallecido amigo mio, Samuel Weinstein. Por medio de su sobrino, obtuve un correo electronico. Desafortunadamente, este correo que recibi parece no funcionar. Podrian pasarle mi informacion al Sr. Rivero? Habiamos platicado acerca de un proyecto de interes mutuo en Cojimar. Mi informacion de contacto es la siguiente: Eddie Ocampo, correo electronico [email protected] , telefono, (559) 416-9338. Gracias de antemano.

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