Sandra Pérez Lozano’s Perceptual Sensorial Poetry

/ 18 March, 2015

In Oswaldo Guayasamín House, Havana, Sandra Pérez Lozano has made us enter (has “contained” us) in a world of sensations; lights, penumbrae, mirrors, voices, screens, images, sound… she has displayed a world of perceptual sensorial poetry. With this new exhibition Sandra has given a creative leap of great magnitude: from the two-dimensional format to space, to three-dimensional invention, to environmental design. A leap perhaps as risky as the one she carried out some time ago with her transit from literature to visual arts. But, as the trite popular saying goes, there is no success without risk, and much less in art, or in finding new ways of what is artistic.

From creative work with words, with verbal poetry, Sandra began to experiment with visual language. After several books of poetry and fiction, drawing, painting and now video, installations, sculptures. It would seem that Sandra has needed to expand, to liberate her creative energy from the torture implied in the struggle with the heavily established referencing of verbal language. And not everyone has the capacity of being creative, in the artistic sense, whether with words or with images. (…)

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