Pepe Herrera did not image

/ 1 December, 2015

when he arrived in Spain in 1988, that this would be the country in which he would take root. Today, however, in his LUCA Graphics Workshop, he is one of the referents in Madrid for the edition of graphic work.

Pepe was a founder of the René Portocarrero Workshop in Havana and, in 1988, in one of those unexpected events that took place in the world of Cuban art of the times, and as an initiative of his friend Aldo Menéndez, he was sent to Barcelona to set up a silk-screen workshop. Pepe worked in this project for an entire year in which he not only had in charge the assembly of the workshop, but also devoted himself to offer silk-screen courses.

[…] All this time in Spain has brought as a consequence that his workshop is settled in the Spanish market, in which he is respected and recognized. This recognition has allowed him to collaborate with colleagues with much artistic as well as individual quality, who have enriched him throughout the years. In Madrid there only are three workshops producing prints at the level of LUCA Graphics and, in general, most of the artists are loyal to the workshop in which they carry out their graphic work. Many have been collaborating with Pepe Herrera for several years. The workshop has made editions of Cuban artists like Gustavo Acosta, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Carlos García, Pepe Franco, Aldo Menéndez, Cundo Bermúdez, Rubén Rodríguez and Ivonne Ferrer; he has also made works in collaboration with the Cuban Art Foundation for the presentation of the graphic work by René Portocarrero and Mariano Rodríguez which accompany the books edited by the Foundation.

But today LUCA Graphics works with many Spanish artists. […]

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