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/ 19 July, 2014

(…)In 2012, the new management of the FCBC elaborated a strategy headed to (…) move positive opinions and achieve a larger commercial dynamics in the management of its galleries. A vast investment for the remodeling of the premises was adopted. Collage Habana was moved from its former seat in San Rafael to a spacious house in D and 1st in Vedado.

Galería Galiano was remodeled to privilege a contemporary aesthetics, with the purpose of turning it into an indispensable space for the promotion of young art. Some provincial galleries, methodologically subordinated to the National Center, were also remodeled and restored, as is the case of Espacio 34 in Varadero Beach. It must also be pointed out that the logistic equipment of all the spaces was chosen according to international parameters established for a 21st century gallery.

To officially reopen the two spaces in Havana, a contest for young artists that would culminate in an exhibition with a long reach was planned: Post It. Expoventa de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo (Post It: Contemporary Cuban Art Expo-Sale). Initiatives like these contribute to group the youngest generations around the work of the Center, which has a bearing on new courses for the commercialization of Cuban art, with strategies directed at national and international collectors. It is a rather intense work which makes the Fund compete – in the collective imaginary and in the specific management of promotion and commercialization – with the alternatives generated by the artists themselves or other authors in private studios, in the domes of the Higher Art Institute or in projects like Fábrica de Arte.

Gabriela García Azcuy

Gabriela García Azcuy

La Habana, 1989. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Letters in Havana University, she is continuing her studies at the University of Florida. She is curator and cultural manager of the art organization The Cuban Arts Group. Among her current projects are Cuban Ingenuity. The Artistry of the Everyday Inventor at the Cade Museum and the documentary with the same name. She is co-founder of the Next Generation Project, a foundation for the promotion and management of the Cuban arts. She has collaborated with various publications, such as Art OnCuba, Artecubano, Arte x Excelencias, Arbus Magazine, et al.



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