Exodus by Carlos Estévez

/ 3 October, 2014

May 10 – June 19, 2014

Gallerie Bourbon-Lally, New Jersey

The place of men in the universe has always been the central topic in Carlos Estevez’s work (Havana, 1969). In recent years he has focused on more specific aspects. Looking for answers to many of his questions of an existential nature and interested in esoteric topics, Estévez found in alchemy ideas coinciding with his view on the transformation of human beings. (…)

His last solo exhibition, Exodus, reflects some of his ideas on the topics to which he continually returns. When speaking of exodus, the first association is generally to the migration process. In Estévez’s case, it also extends to other changes that may take place and are not necessarily related to geographic location. For him, it includes movement associated to the exhaustion of a physical space, to a stage, or to an emotional requirement. It is the constant evolution taking place in the life of human beings, and its cycles. (…)

Formally, he continues the technique that has become his personal seal, in which he combines oil and pencils in a very original form. The complexity of his compositions transcends the mere technical aspect when creating scenes in which all elements interact among themselves in a perfect concatenation. (…)



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