Cubans in the 12th Havana Biennial

/ 31 August, 2015

On last May 22nd, the Twelfth Havana Biennial was inaugurated, an event that, since its foundation in 1984, became the scene to promote the work of artists of the so-called Third World. (…)

As to the Cuban artists chosen for the official exhibition, twentyseven were invited, in some cases set up in duets or groups. Estado sólido (Solid State), Mauricio Abad, Vilma Bartolomé and Proyecto Espacios, Candelario, Nelda Castillo and the theater group El ciervo encantado (The Enchanted Deer), Elizabet Cerviño, Humberto Díaz, Felipe Dulzaides, Omar Estrada, Fidel García, Habana (Re) generación and Esterio Segura, Glenda León, Luis Enrique López Chávez, Jorge Luis Marrero, Yornel Martínez, Meira Marrero and José A. Toirac, Reinier Nande , Levi Orta, Josuhe Pagliery, Rodolfo Peraza, Guillermo Ramírez Malberti, Renán Rodríguez and Proyecto Cultural Arte, Industria y Paisaje (Art, Industry and Landscape Cultural Project), Lázaro Saavedra, Nestor Siré, Rafael Villares, José Eduardo Yaque and Eduardo Ponjuán.1 (…) The increasing number of youngsters in the list of participating Cubans—something the Havana Biennial defended since the last decade of the past century when acknowledging the fresh ideas contributed by the recent graduates of the Higher Institute of Art—is outstanding. In this edition, already acclaimed artists are found next to others less than 35 years old, including two awarded in national visual arts, although the prevailing note is that of the less known. (…)

When talking about the results of the Biennial taking into account the purposes considered, I believe it is worthwhile to underline the way in which it reached various spectators when making use of dissimilar spaces and propitiating exchange in communities; all this, in turn, favorably protected by a wideranging advertising campaign backing the event so it would become a matter of interest for all audiences, whether national or foreign. There is no doubt that this was an edition which did not go unnoticed. Something that should be discussed, in another occasion, is its meaning as an artistic event.

Havana, June 2015

  1. Eduardo Ponjuán’s participation only remained in the level of a catalogue since the work was not exhibited.

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