Costa… Experimental

/ 17 March, 2015

José Miguel Costa is one of those artists difficult to define bearing in mind the type of work they do. His interest in experimentation with diverse expressions and techniques has made him transit through watercolor, drawing, painting, small format sculpture and photography, making use of the expressive possibilities of each of them. That need to explore the various media and, at the same time, his capacity to cope with them, are precisely what gives a sense to his artistic practice, carried out until recent date in the Las Tunas province.

(…)Now well, if on the one hand Costa’s work may be rated as diverse, at the same time it shows itself consistent and organic from beginning to end. This is achieved starting from the definition of a style of his own having as a fundamental premise the simplification of an idea or message, while appealing to minimum resources. That is why the pieces captivate with their poetic soberness and because of being enigmatic at times. The other trait conferring some unity to his artistic production is to be found in the thematic order. Although human figures are rarely represented, it is the reflections on men and their relationship with the environment, whether individual or collective, what engages the artist. (…)

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