Compass for the Traveler

/ 4 October, 2014

Four decades in the history of Cuban art (from the seventies to today), 16 creators, paintings, engravings, drawings, photos, installations and videos… Data like these introduce us into the concept of Miradas (Looks), an exhibition Factoría Habana suggests (from May 23rd to August). (…) Since its conception, Miradas has not intended to be the type of exhibition (perhaps longed-for or required in the Island) conceived as the mirror and systematization of the history of Cuban art, understood as a history based in generally chronological and legitimated studies on the various artistic periods. In its museographic display we will not find a temporary distribution or groupings having to do with the creative lines identified in our context; neither has art been understood as a sociological, anthropological, vernacular-kitsch, object oriented or political action. If something of this is detected in the show, it will be thanks to the individual projection of each author and not

to the curatorial authority assembling them.

(…) Miradas is a proposal, a transversal dissection of the present and its dynamics, where art of all times, emitted by multiple voices, converges in the same reception horizon. That is why, in the midst of this density of images, attributes and tropes which make up our imaginary, this exhibition is a tribute to the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Havana Biennial, which intends to be a compass for the traveler.

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