City and Imaginaries in Lima

/ 1 September, 2015

The Enlace Arte Contemporáneo Gallery in Lima, Peru, received in its halls between March and April this year the exhibition Urban Imaginaries in Contemporary Cuban Art, a curatorial project1 focusing its attention on the topic of the city, not just any city, but a major city emerging from the imagination and research of a group of artists.
(…) In the exhibition Urban Imaginaries…, catalogued by the prestigious weekly magazine Caretas2 as the best in the Peruvian city during those months, works by Julio Larraz, Gustavo Acosta, Luis Enrique Camejo, Reynerio Tamayo, Vicente Hernández, Kadir López, Douglas Pérez and Enrique Báster were shown. They are all able to grasp from their poetics the different ways the large city feels, a textual intrigue with which we daily interact and on which we leave impregnated our feelings, memories and ways of life.
The city has always been a recurrent topic in Cuban art. This time there are various ways to approach it. Some from installations and the interventions of advertising posters; others, a great majority, from traditional painting, although loaded with an aura of fantasy and utopia. (…)
1. From Sergio López himself. (Editor’s note)
2. Founded in 1950 and acknowledged because of its research journalism. (Editor’s note)

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