Caguayo. The melting pot art

/ 19 July, 2014

From the fire to the galleries, texture, gestures, strength emerge. Caguayo is a space which consecrated and novel artists trust. The level acquired by engineers, foundry workers and specialists is at the reach of public spaces in Cuba and abroad, namely: Lennon en La Habana (Lennon in Havana) by Jose Villa Soberon, Colibrí libando la memoria (Hummingbird Sucking Memory) by Esterio Segura (Berland Collection, New York), Monumento al Neg’ Mawon (Monument to Neg’ Mawon) by Rene Corail (Le Lamentin, Martinique), El Espíritu Guerrero Venezolano (The Venezuelan Warlike Spirit) by Alberto Lescay (Puerto Cabello), or Martha Jimenez’s pieces in the Carmen Square in Camaguey.

Caguayo Foundation sets up its working style in feasible and sustainable projects. It has propitiated samples of artists like, among others, Belkis Ayón, Alfredo G. Rostgaard, Nelson Domínguez, Mario Trenard, René Valdés, Agustin Drake, Arturo Montoto, and Spanish sculptor Antonio Grediaga – who in 2005 exhibited his solid iron sculptures in Michelsen Avenue, facing the Santiago Bay.

Caguayo Foundation has sheathed its ideas with the same durability of bronze. Alberto Lescay, its agent and president, reveals the elements in the melting pot: “We have tried to win people capable of turning the dream of others into their own dream and of creating a space for those who are theirs. The Foundation has achieved to insert itself with its work in the framework of cultural institutions in the country and is, above all, a living project.”


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