Beyond The Supersquare: Cuban artists at Bronx Museum

/ 5 October, 2014

Much has been studied on the importance the modern architecture movement acquired in Latin America and the Caribbean during the 20th century, as well as on the influence of the theoretical postulates of the architects in this area. It is well known that several cities offered a fertile ground to finish the realization of projects under these premises, today milestones of the modernist legacy. (…)

The exhibition at the Bronx Museum − inaugurated on May 1st of the present year and programmed until January 11, 2015 – in New York City, intends to show how contemporary art draws on this constructive heritage of Latin American and Caribbean space, as well as on the thinking developed from it, and how it reacts in agreement with the social, political, economic and environmental challenges the region faces today.

(…) With more than thirty artists and seventy pieces, it includes photography, video, sculpture, installation and drawing. Several were the Cuban creators called for the occasion: Alexandre Arrechea, Los Carpinteros, Felipe Dulzaides, Carlos Garaicoa, Diango Hernández, Jorge Pardo, Manuel Piña, María Martínez-Cañas, Rafael Domenech and Quisqueya Henríquez swell the list of the exhibition. (…)

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