Between Materiality and Metaphor

Florencio Gelabert’s Sculptural Journeys

/ 2 September, 2015

The recent exhibition of new works by Florencio Gelabert (b. Havana 1962), Journeys: Dialogues with Time, offers the viewer an opportunity to navigate among seemingly opposing realms which are consistently at work, both discursively and artistically. The placement of the various works on the wall, sculptures and installations reinforces the representation of contrasting terrains: the first galleries appear as a space for eulogy where personal introspection reigns, while the works in the skylight and rear galleries speak of denunciation and decay. Together, the works comprised on this exhibition also provide an opportunity to examine the ways in which Florencio Gelabert engages more broadly with Western art historical discourses and, more specifically, situates his unique and leading place in contemporary Cuban sculpture. (…)

Miami, June 2015

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