Teresita Fernández at MASS MoCa

/ 23 November, 2014

As above so below

An interest in the perception of landscape through the visual arts as the idea of space leads Teresita Fernández to its redefinition like a continuous series of events which is well reflected in As Above So Below, her current exhibition at MASS MoCA—May 24, 2014 to April 5, 2015.

The show is an invitation to experience landscape as existing in the mind’s eye with a three dimensional sculptural quality. (…)

Those who have never visited MASS MoCA should know that the imposing immensity of the exhibition rooms challenge and define each presented project; successfully filling the space with artworks is the first predicament for the artist. The tendency so far has been to work on large-scale projects. But, instead, Teresita Fernández has focused on the miniature, or, more precisely, the connection between the micro and the macro (…). Her appropriation of space is enveloping and massive: it is as above so below in its own right.

(…) The installation vibrates within the building, overtaking the space and transforming it, creating ensenadas of virtual landscapes interconnected by a multidimensional flood that moves from dark to light and circulates around. (…)

The exhibition is Teresita Fernández exquisite whimsical metaphysical approach to the universal order and process of life. Overall, her perceptual concept of the landscape is stronger than its image. Recreating the original forces, boiling them down to the pure elements, building on her vision that the world is self-contained, Fernández is able to bring to us, with her work, the physical experience of walking into the landscape, altering common perception of space.

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