Alex & Carole Rosenberg… and some ways to work with Cuban art

/ 16 March, 2015


(…) we then wonder if the recent political changes that have taken place since the first steps in the normalization of relationships between Cuba and the United States after December 2014 might bring variations in the prices of works by Cuban artists, since there already is a large presence of Cuban art in the market.

In my opinion, these changes will bring as a consequence a considerable increase in the prices of the pieces of artists living and working in Cuba. But I also think that, as time goes by, the sensation of novelty Cuba represents for the North American market will gradually disappear and prices will begin to stabilize.

(…) To explore other opinions on the topic, Art OnCuba has intended to make some questions to Alex Rosenberg.

(…)What do you think this potential avalanche market could mean for the career of established artists, mid-career artists and artists in training? (…)

I agree that increased American tourism will increase the sale of Cuban art. I don’t think the now successful artists will be able to sell much more since they are now selling most of what they make. Nor do I believe tourism will seriously affect their art.

The main beneficiaries will be the least successful artists who will now be able to sell to a much larger and less sophisticated audience. These artists, just as elsewhere in the world, will probably tend to tailor their art to satisfy the new buyers. (…)


When Carole Rosenberg came to Cuba for the first time to visit the Havana Biennial, she could not imagine this trip would forever change the path of her life. From then on she has devoted much energy and effort to the spreading and knowledge of Cuba and its culture in the United States. What began as a trip merely influenced by her passion for contemporary art, has led her today to be the President of the Cuban Culture Festival in New York, an initiative of the Association of American Friends of the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, an organization she heads since its creation.

(…) How and when did the idea of organizing a Cuban Culture Festival come about?

The Cuban Culture Festival New York (CCFNY) is a multidisciplinary art initiative of American Friends of the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba (AFLFC), the organization of which I am the co-founder and president. The festival celebrates our 15th anniversary and the 20 years of our partner, the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba (LFC), by bringing the latest in Cuban film, music, dance and visual arts to New York City. Both organizations have been unrelenting in promoting cultural exchange between the U.S. and Cuba. The HFFNY is part of it, and is one of the many cultural programs presented by AFLFC. (…)

How much have your views on Cuban culture changed since you first came to Cuba?

The first time I came to Cuba I was blown away by the imagination and creativity of Cuban artists and the level of the education offered at the art schools, despite the lack of resources. I’m still very often impressed by how creative, inquisitive and sensitive Cuban artists are, even though scarcity is less overwhelming than it used to be. (…)

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