A beatiful Book: Choy-León. Works and Projects

/ 1 December, 2018

Segismundo says in The Interpretation of Dreams:

…and dreams, dreams are….

The constructive work of José Antonio Choy López (Santiago de Cuba, 1949) and of Julia León Lacher (Havana, 1948) has partly stopped being a dream and is found in a beautiful book that contains an important horizon of the architectural production of these two professionals and their work team. (…)

Choy-León is a duo of architects, nationally and internationally well-known, that does not spare in the creation of constructive images and intertwines forms, outlines, volumes or chromatic surfaces, according to each project, and is identified through a personal architecture, of contrasts and diverse, that points to what is theirs with universal inspiration and contemporary codes.

This symbolic production, which encompasses diverse constructive programs, is appreciated, since it renovates Cuban construction work and places it in a context that calls for a veritable integration with the environment, a dialogue with the urban space, with the environs, with the traditions and art, which fills the void of time and the untimely current Cuban architecture.

City, architecture, urban planning establish a trilogy enriched by the integrated design, which offers an attractive, refined vision that, beyond well-known formulas, contributes diverse keys that revitalize and favor another view of the visual culture of Cuban edifications. The proposals are varied and show the knowhow, creativity, imprint of this exceptional duo, as architect Isabel Rigol accurately describes them.

The book includes a selection of 21 works, of which 16 have been carried out, all of them illustrated with magnificent images. It also has critical assessments of the projects by renowned architects Roberto Segre, Mario Coyula, Sergio Baroni, Eduardo Luis Rodríguez and an excellent presentation by Nelson Herrera Ysla, Overtura para un libro soñado. It also includes a group of excellent drawings made by Choy who, through lines, sometimes figurative and at others more abstract—as it also occurs in their edifications—goes beyond the mere illustration of the works to grant them aesthetic value.

(…) The Choy-León duo, after 30 years of a rich experience, has been able to again give Cuban architecture its value when highlighting the possibilities of creation, intellectual work and talent. It is a necessary book that will increase the knowledge of the academic context where its knowledge predominates; it will also socialize the group of works of these architects who have to be known and positioned in a deserved place in the history of Architecture and Cuban Culture. (…)

Pilar Fernández Prieto

Graduate in Art History. Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Letters in Havana University and the Higher Institute of Arts. Between 1995 and 1998 she was the director of the National Museum of Fine Arts. She has published several texts on Cuban architecture, particularly on Art Deco.



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